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Make a change.

Find your passion.

You should not worry about the future or force yourself to stay in the moment. You should learn and grow. Commit yourself to something. Find your passion. Learn for life.


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One step at the time.

This site is devided into topics. These are advanced and thoughtful topics. Do not stress these. It's not a challenge. Follow in the the order at which they appear and stick with it to the end.


One book.

One online course.

Each topic has one or more steps to complete. Each step teaches an area of the topic. Each topic has one book and one online course to complete. I've hand picked what I belive to provide the best experience within each topic. Follow in the the order at which they appear and stick with it to the end.


  1. The world

    You are the world. And the world is you. You should learn about where humanity comes from and where you are relative to others.

    The Great Rupture

    This book guides you through the later history of humanity.

    Big History Project

    This course contains the history of the universe.

  2. Religion

    With about 85% of the people in the world identifies with a relgion you should familiarize yourself with the meaning that religion has for religious people.

    The Great Transformation

    About the four big religions and their turning points in history.

    World religions through scriptures.

    Learn about world religions through their scriptures representing several of the world’s religious traditions.



  1. Drawing

    Expressing yourself through drawing and learning to see artworks is an important part of cultural life.

    Classic Human Anatomy In Motion

    This book describes the human body to enable you to draw the human figure.

    Renaissance figure drawing

    This course teaches a drawing approach from the Renaissance tradition.

  2. Listening

    Sound and music is a powerful experience. You should get to know how it's composed and what it's history is.

    The aesthetics of Music

    This book explores the nature and meaning of music.

    Introduction to music theory

    Take this course to understand concepts and approaches for music theory.



  1. Logic

    By understanding logic you build a great foundation for reasoning.

    Logic complete introduction

    This book introduces you to the studies of logic.

    Logic deduction

    Learn about critical thinking and making predictions.

  2. Arithmetics

    The basics of math is important to understand not just in everyday activities but also many other topics depends on the basic of math.


    This book contains all information on arithmetics starting from the beginning.

    Math fundamentals

    This course introduces the math fundamentals including algebra and number theory.

  3. Computer Science

    The modern world today is managed by computers and you should equip yourself with the knowledge how they operate.

    Computational thinking

    This book assists in explaining how to articulate problems in a computational manner.

    Computer Science

    This course is an introduction to computer science and programming.